Individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities are accepted as inclusive members of the community.



New Seasons’ highest priority is maintaining optimum health for individuals in our care. Residents and program participants are provided healthful environments that result in longer and better quality lives. We promptly respond to changing needs – appropriately, creatively and with sensitivity. Families and guardians trust that we will care for their loved ones in safe and nurturing environments. We strive to exceed all standards of care on an ongoing basis with well-trained staff, appropriate equipment, personalized supports and well-maintained facilities.


New Seasons is committed to excellence in our interactions with others. We offer guidance to residents, program participants, their families and guardians in making personal choices about their lives, relationships, and dreams. We aspire to ensure that each maximizes their human potential as inclusive and contributing members of the community.


New Seasons’ continued success in keeping our residents and program participants healthy and well-cared for is teamwork. Strong communications and cohesive relationships promote healthy environments where 24-hour individualized support is provided.


New Seasons’ endeavors to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. We realize these standards have been established for the betterment of the individuals we serve, their families and guardians and our agency. We are held accountable for the proper operation and management of our organization by our residents, program participants, their families/guardians, our funders, the administration and co-workers, and the community-at-large.

Help adults with intellectual disabilities build meaningful, productive lives, gain confidence in their abilities and reach their individual potential. Help make their dreams come true.